Snack Shack Ticket Team Sales

Snack Shack Tickets - Team Sales

Metro’s Snack Shacks are an important source of income for the league. This income helps to keep registration fees as low as possible by offsetting costs such as insurance, Little League charter fees, and field rentals. Teams are strongly encouraged to purchase Snack Shack tickets for their post-game snacks.


Ticket program details:

  • Tickets will be sold through the Metro website and be redeemable at the Metro Snack Shacks.
  • One dollar tickets will be sold for $1.00.
  • Tickets will be available on-line for pre-sale.
  • In one quick and easy transaction, you can purchase tickets for the entire season.
  • For example, for a team of 12 players that plays 12 games at Panama Park and gives out 3 tickets per game:
    • The team parent can buy 432 tickets (12x12x3) for $432 and split the cost between the 12 families on the team, which comes out to $36 per family.
    • For only $36 per family, there will be no more last-minute trips to Safeway or Target, no more forgetting you were supposed to be Snack Parent for the game, no hauling coolers and bags around, no more having to wrangle families to sign up to be Snack Parent, and you have supported the league!

*No change will be given when tickets are redeemed.

*Minimum of 20 tickets must be purchased per transaction when buying online.

*Tickets are only available for purchase on-line. 

*Please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

*Tickets are redeemable at Raynor & Panama.


*Tickets purchased before Opening Day will be ready for pickup at Raynor Snack Shack on Opening Day.

Minimum purchase is 20 tickets


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