20. January 2020
Player Evaluation Information Player Evaluations give League Officials and Coaches the opportunity to evaluate players to ensure they are placed in the division that best suits them. This is based on skill level,age & size. Players will play catch, field ground balls & fly balls, hit and run the bases. Players must bring a glove, hat & athletic cup. If you have a bat and helmet, you should bring that too. There will be spare bats and helmets for anyone who doesn’t have their own....
01. November 2019
Registration for the 2020 Spring Season will open November 7th, 2019.
19. April 2019
Our 2019 Hit-a-thon is scheduled for Sunday, May 5th at Raynor Park. This event is an important fundraiser for Metro Little League. Last year we raised $5,977 through this event. I hope we can smash that number this year. With participation and $50 donations from each player, we can raise over $8,000 for the league. These donations will help offset Little League Charter fees, insurance costs, field rental fees and more. We hope all our families can participate and help Metro with this...
03. March 2018
Do you know how to keep score of a baseball game? Does it sound intimidating? Don't worry it's much easier than you think. We have created a new page on this website that includes a two-part how-to-score-keep video. Whether you need just a refresher, or you've never kept score, these videos are easy to follow and will surely help you out.