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05. July 2016
09. July 2015
CAMPBELL BEATS METRO 11-12 ALL-STARS TO MOVE ON... What a great season! Campbell managed to win our second game with them in the 11-12 bracket. Our boys simply couldn't find their bats. Campbell was a hitting machine. We have a great team of kids, in all our divisions. Our Coaches were wonderful. Despite our 4th place spot in the 2015 District 44 11-12 bracket, we're all looking ahead to 2016. We have what it takes to win and do so much better!
08. July 2015
11-12 ALL-STARS WIN AGAINST BRIARWOOD 7/8 Our 11-12 Majors All-Stars beat Briarwood and now move on to play Campbell again, this time at Los Altos' Purissima Field. There are only 4 teams left standing in the District 44 bracket (Los Altos, SC Westside, Campbell, and Sunnyvale Metro). Los Altos and Westside also play at Tri-Cities (Wilson Park). Games start at 5:30PM. Brad McWilliams launched another rocket! (He's making it a habit. Eventually, the Department of Public Safety will be out there...
07. July 2015
WHAT AN AWESOME POST-SEASON PERFORMANCE! Latest Update: 7/6: Our 9/10 All-Stars finished 3rd again in the District 44 All-Star bracket, just like last season. A Loss to Los Altos, who move on to to the Championship against SC Westside tomorrow hosted by Metro at Raynor Field. 7/6: Our 10/11 All-Stars lost 2-1 to SC Westside. Our guys ended up in 4th Place in our District 44 bracket. Not bad out of 14 leagues! SC Westside moves on to play Campbell. The winner of that game will play Los Altos on...
06. July 2015
METRO ALL-STARS STILL GOING STRONG Here is the upcoming schedule: Monday 7/6 our 9-10 All-Stars will play Los Altos at Faber Field. The winner of this game will go to the Championship to face SC Westside. And, of course, Metro will host the final game in the 9-10 bracket on 7/7. Monday 7/6, our 10-11 All-Stars will face SC Westside at Miller Field. This is a semi-final game in the elimination bracket. Monday 7/6, our 11-12 All-Stars face SC Westside up at Los Altos Purissima Field. (Our guys...