Metro Championship Series Updates

Minor Division Update:

On Tuesday May 30th , the #2 seeded Giants outlasted the #3 seeded Blue Jays with a bottom of the 6th walk off 17-16 win.


On Saturday June 3rd , the #1 seeded Red Sox faced off versus the red hot Giants in a winners bracket game. In a wild, high scoring contest the Giants stayed hot and took home the win 23-18.


The Red Sox will now battle the Blue Jays in an elimination game, with both teams season on the line Monday night at Raynor. The loser goes home, and the winner will head to the championship game versus the Giants on Thursday evening at Raynor.


Major Division Update:

On Wednesday May 31st , the #2 seeded Yankees defeated the #3 seeded Giants 6-1, with a big hit being a Winston Wu grand slam in the bottom of the 5th inning to put the game away for the Yankees.


On Saturday June 3rd , the #1 seeded A’s faced the #2 seeded Yankees for the chance to go to the championship game. Both teams played well and the Yankees came out as winners with a 5-3 victory.


On Tuesday night the A’s and Giants will fight for their baseball lives in an elimination game. The winner is in the Friday night championship game versus the Yankees and the losers season is over.