2015 Spring Season Comes to a Close



Whoa! Our 2015 Spring Season is finally Over!

Seeing our kids smiling and happy as a team means a lot. Seeing our kids share in the joy of a teammate's excellence is another joy. This season, all of us were blessed to see so much happiness in our kids.  Some of our kids made great plays in the field. Some of our kids had great pitching outings. And, some of our kids hit home runs beyond the boundaries of our expectations. They also failed a lot...learned from  it, tried again, failed...and ultimately succeeded, just by attending and their efforts.   

What made us most happy was not the length of the home run, or the  excellent fielding plays, or the great catches...or even the great pitching games. What made us most happy were...the smiles of happy  kids playing with their friends, which in turn made their parents happy to be with all the other parents. Great sportsmanship made us happy. Our kids play well together. It made us happy.   

In the end, it wasn't really about winning. It was about playing and...sharing the experience of sincere effort. It was about working together, cooperating...team work, league work.   

Little League is a sharing Community for a brief moment in time. February to June. And before we know it, our kids move on to other realms.   

Metro 2015 will be remembered as a special year for all of us. Not everyone was happy. But...thanks to all our volunteers...all were extremely well-served.   

Let's do it again; let's keep this going. Bring it all on...Fall Ball  & Spring 2016.