2015 Board of Directors

 Executive Members

President - Rebecca Brown
VP, Baseball - Eric Brown
Treasurer - Nancy Brown
Auditor - Amit Shah
Secretary - Gavin Lorelle


Player Agents

Tee-Ball - Mike Bobick
Pioneer - Darius Babusis
Farm - Kyle Myers
Minors - Sean Miller
Majors/Minors - Ray Johnson
Intermediate - Neil Swank


Supporting Members

Awards/Accolades - Michelle Miller
Booster Book/News - Jennifer Hoppe
Equipment - Eric Brown
Metrowear - Deb Maddison
Registration - Milind Borkar
Recruiting - Carrie and Mario Cassara
Safety and Insurance - Greg Hall
Raynor Snack Shack Manager - Michael Brown
Panama Snack Shack Manager - Jackie Brown
Sponsorships - Darren Randall
Umpire-In-Chief - Scott Huettel
Uniforms - Nick Cappelloni
Information Officer/Webmaster - Troy Shumaker
Team Parent-Picture Coordinator - Rizza Marquez
Field Maintenance Coordinator - Troy Shumaker


Board position responsibilities are described in this document: Metro Board Job Descriptions. The Metro Board meets monthly.


Sunnyvale Metro is an all-volunteer organization. We need your help to be successful. To get more information on volunteering, contact us here.


Mary Ellen Gambucci